Dogelana Buy Guide (Mobile)

1. Download and install a Solana wallet extension for your browser.Phantom is a recommended choice.
2. Open the extension and configure a wallet for use.
Be sure to write down and store your seed phrase somewhere safe!
3. Load up your wallet with Solana (SOL).

4. Launch the Raydium exchange dApp, go to the swap function page, and connect your wallet.

5. Select SOL as the "From" token by opening the selection menu and clicking SOL.

6. Select DGLN as the "To" token by opening the selection menu, pasting the mint address, and clicking DGLN.
Complete the confirmation prompts as needed.
The Dogelana (DGLN) mint address is: E6UU5M1z4CvSAAF99d9wRoXsasWMEXsvHrz3JQRXtm2X
7. Proceed to swap your Solana (SOL) for Dogelana (DGLN) through the Raydium swap function.

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